World War Two Asia Theatres of War Assessment Task

WWII in the Pacific Technology Assessment

This “WWII in the Pacific Technology Assessment” is designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the technology used during the Second World War in Asia and the Pacific. This assessment focuses on the different theatres of war, including land, air and sea. The main objective of this task is to help students develop their research skills and improve their abilities in group work, communication and public speaking.

The assessment requires students to research the technology used during World War Two in Asia and the Pacific and present their findings in an oral and visual format. The students are also required to create a Historical Investigation question. This could be valuable to IB History educators and students as this task incorporates the correct IB History Paper 2 command terms. A marking guide is provided to help ensure that students are aware of the task’s demands.

This assessment aims to provide students with a hands-on learning experience that will help them develop a deeper understanding of the events of WWII in the Pacific. By engaging in research and group work, students will develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills essential for success in various subjects and careers. Additionally, by practising public speaking and communication, students will build confidence and skills that will serve them well in their future endeavours.

In conclusion, the “WWII in the Pacific Technology Assessment” is a valuable resource for educators looking to help their students develop their research skills and encourage them to engage in active learning. This task allows students to delve into World War Two’s history and gain a deeper understanding of the technology used during this time period. Whether you are an experienced teacher or a new educator, this assessment task is an excellent way to help your students grow and to enhance their education.

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Resource Information

Description:This assessment task asks students to practice research, group work, along with communication and public speaking skills. Creating a Historical Investigation question with the use of the correct Paper 2 command terms is also a requirement of this oral and visual assessment task.
Estimated lessons:6-8.
Ages16-18 years
Format Word Document

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