Viking Timeline Activity Worksheet.

Viking Timeline Activity Worksheet

Viking Timeline Activity Worksheet: Understanding the Spread of Viking Influence

The Vikings were a seafaring people who lived in Scandinavia during the late eighth to early 11th centuries. They were known for their prowess as warriors, traders, and explorers, and their influence extended far beyond the Scandinavian peninsula. The Vikings’ impact on Europe and beyond was significant, and their legacy is still felt today.

This worksheet provides a brief overview of the key events in the history of the Vikings and their expansion throughout Europe. The focus of this timeline activity is to introduce students to important historical events to encourage them to think critically about the impact the Vikings had on Europe.

To begin, students will examine the timeline table provided. They will then place key events on the timeline in chronological order, starting from the late eighth century and ending in the early 11th century.

Once students have placed the events on the timeline, they will choose one event to conduct further research on. This could involve reading about the event in a textbook, conducting online research, or consulting with the teacher. Students will then create a picture or illustration that depicts the event they have researched, and they will share their work with the class.

Some examples of events that students could research include the arrival of the Vikings in England, the establishment of the kingdom of Dublin, or the Battle of Stamford Bridge. By focusing on these key events, students will gain a better understanding of the Viking Age and the role that the Vikings played in shaping the history of Europe.

In addition to learning about the Vikings, this Viking timeline activity worksheet also provides an opportunity for students to develop their research skills and creative thinking abilities. By researching a specific event and creating a visual representation of that event, students will be able to express their understanding of the topic in a unique and meaningful way.

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Resource Information

Description:Students chose events from the timeline table and place them on the timeline in the correct chronological order. Students then choose 1 event to conduct further research then create a picture depicting the event to share with the class.
Estimated lessons:1-2
Ages11-14 years
Format Word Document

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