The Crusades Timeline Activity worksheet

The Crusades Timeline Activity

The Crusades Timeline Activity is an essential worksheet for students studying the history of the Crusades. This comprehensive worksheet covers the key events that took place from AD570-1291. It provides an overview of the birth of Mohammad and the end of the Crusaders’ endeavours in the Holy Land. With a focus on the history of the Crusades, this timeline activity is perfect for students who are looking to deepen their knowledge and understanding of this fascinating time period.

The student activities included in this worksheet are designed to challenge and engage students in their learning. One of the activities is a mini-research task on an event of interest, which allows students to delve deeper into the subject matter and develop their research skills. The second activity is a presentation on the research conducted, which provides an opportunity for students to showcase their understanding of the subject matter and practice their presentation skills.

Whether students are learning about the Crusades for the first time or looking to expand their knowledge, the Crusades Timeline Activity is an excellent resource for students of all levels. With its comprehensive overview and engaging student activities, this worksheet is sure to capture students’ imaginations and inspire them to learn more about this exciting and important time period.

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Resource Information

Description:Student activities include a mini-research task on an event of interest and the creation along with a presentation on the research conducted.
Estimated lessons:2-3
Ages11-18 years
Format Word Document

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