Spanish Civil War Source Work Worksheet lesson plan

Spanish Civil War Source Work

The Spanish Civil War is a pivotal moment in modern European history, and as such, it’s an essential topic for history students to explore. The “Spanish Civil War Source Work” worksheet is an excellent resource for history teachers looking to engage their students with this important historical event.

The lesson is designed to help students develop their critical thinking and analytical skills using primary sources. The lesson provides an overview of the Spanish Civil War using primary sources from various perspectives, such as journalists, historians, and leaders. This approach enables students to understand the events of the war from multiple angles and to develop a more nuanced understanding of its causes and effects.

In addition to analysing the primary sources, the lesson plan includes various activities designed to help students engage with the material. For example, students are asked to use the OPCVL method to evaluate the sources and compare and contrast different perspectives. They are also tasked with integrating the sources into an essay-based question to demonstrate their ability to use primary sources to support their arguments.

Overall, the “Spanish Civil War Source Work” worksheet provides an excellent opportunity for history students to develop their analytical skills while engaging with a critical moment in European history. Using primary sources, the lesson encourages students to think critically and create a more nuanced understanding of the Spanish Civil War.

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Resource Information

Description:Students read through a selection of primary sources and answer questions. OPCVL, Compare and Contrast along with integrating the sources into an essay based question are included.
Estimated lessons:1-2
Ages16-18 years
Format Word Document

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