Mayan Diary Entry Student Worksheet

Mayan Diary Entry Worksheet

Through the Cunning History Teacher lesson plan on Mayan Diary Entry Student Worksheet, students can explore the ancient culture and history of the Mayans through writing a diary entry in first person!

Your students will gain insight into the lifestyles and beliefs of an ancient civilization by using correct historical terminology from the time period. By exploring different perspectives within these stories, they can foster greater empathy towards diverse cultures. Learning about ideas such as polytheism, astronomy, agricultural practices and court systems may give them a better appreciation for global collaboration today.

What makes this activity even more special is that it puts their knowledge to the test and allows them to build up their understanding of various historical contexts. Your students can also gain an understanding of how customs and traditions such as human sacrifices and art depict a civilization’s values and beliefs.

The Cunning History Teacher lesson plan on Mayan Diary Entry Student Worksheet is an immersive experience which will take your students back in time to explore a captivating era of our past! Students are sure to enjoy diving deep into this unique cultural journey -all from the comfort of your classroom!

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Resource Information

Description:Student activity includes writing a diary entry whilst using correct historical terminology.
Estimated lessons:1.
Ages11-14 years.
Format PDF.

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