Life in Ur Source Work worksheet lesson plan

Life in Ur Source Work

This “Life in Ur Source Work” worksheet aims to provide students with an understanding of how historians gather information about the past. The lesson focuses on a specific artefact found in an Ur royal tomb, dating back to around 2,000 BCE. The lesson plan seeks to engage students in interpreting this artefact and explaining how historians establish its meaning.

The Ur artefact is a fascinating object that provides a glimpse into the life and culture of an ancient civilisation. The lesson plan encourages students to examine the artefact and use their critical thinking skills to deduce its purpose and significance. This exercise teaches students how historians use physical evidence to reconstruct the past.

The student activities included in the lesson plan involve examining and interpreting the artefact found in the Ur royal tomb. Based on their analysis, students will be asked to develop several things they could say about life in Ur. They must use evidence and reasoning to support their interpretation, encouraging them to think critically about the artefact’s purpose.

The Ur artefact provides an excellent opportunity for students to learn about the techniques historians use to interpret historical artefacts. Students will learn how to use evidence to establish the context in which an object was created, its significance to the people who made it, and the broader historical context.

The “Life in Ur Source Work” worksheet provides an exciting and engaging way for students to learn about the past. Focusing on the Ur artefact and its interpretation enables students to understand how historians gather and interpret historical evidence. By engaging in student activities, students can develop their critical thinking and analytical skills while gaining a deeper appreciation of the complexities of history. The Ur artefact provides a window into the past, allowing students to glimpse an ancient civilisation’s culture and way of life.

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Resource Information

Description:Student activities include perfecting students historical skills by interpreting an artefact found in Ur and explaining how they were able to establish this.
Estimated lessons:1-2
Ages11-14 years
Format Word Document

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