Life as an Indigenous American Diary Entry Worksheet

Life as an Indigenous American Diary Entry Worksheet

This history lesson plan, “Life as an Indigenous American Diary Entry Worksheet”, is an engaging way for students to explore the life of indigenous people during the time of European colonisation in North America. Through this project, students can create their own diary entry from a first-hand perspective to gain insight into what it was like living in that era.

In order for students to write realistic diary entries about this period in history, a thorough understanding of topics related to Native American cultures is necessary. This could include topics such as cultural practices and traditions, social hierarchies, and interactions between different tribes. Additionally, they must also be familiar with historical events related to the colonisation process, such as the arrival of Christopher Columbus or he signing of various treaties. By including facts associated with these topics in their writing, they will gain a better understanding of how life was impacted by these events and colonists’ actions during this time period.

This lesson plan encourages critical thinking and research skills as it requires students to think through how their lives would have been like as an Indigenous person before and after European contact. As they work on writing their diaries, they can also practice using appropriate terminology associated with Indigenous Americans during that era. It offers them an opportunity to practise using accurate vocabulary while gaining insight into culture’s impact on society throughout history.

In conclusion, Life As An Indigenous American Diary Entry Worksheet is a unique lesson plan that encourages critical thinking, reading comprehension and research skills while allowing students to explore the world of Indigenous people during the time of European colonisation in North America. Through this activity, they can learn more about important events from this era while being able to practice using relevant terminology associated with Native Americans living at that time period.

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Description:Student activity includes writing a diary entry whilst using correct historical terminology.
Estimated lessons:1.
AgesAll Ages.
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