Iceman Internet Research Task Worksheet

Iceman Internet Research Task

This worksheet is designed to help students understand the significance of Otzi the Iceman, a well-preserved human body discovered in the Alps. The lesson plan explores ancient human remains and how archaeologists study and analyse them.

The Iceman Internet Research Task Worksheet includes an overview of Otzi’s discovery and the significance of his well-preserved body. The lesson provides a comprehensive understanding of the history of Otzi and what his discovery has taught us about ancient humans. Students will also learn about the tools and artefacts found with the Iceman, which provide insight into the daily life of humans during that time.

The primary focus of the lesson plan is to help students comprehend archaeologists’ methods of studying ancient human remains. By exploring Otzi in-depth, students will understand how experts analyse the physical features of ancient bodies and use these findings to conclude the past.

The worksheet includes reading comprehension questions and encourages students to sketch the ancient artefacts found with Otzi. This allows them to gain a deeper appreciation for the work of archaeologists and the complexity of the Iceman’s story.

Overall, the Iceman Internet Research Task Worksheet is an engaging and informative way to teach students about the significance of Otzi the Iceman and the study of ancient human remains. It provides a unique opportunity for students to learn about the past and the scientific methods used to uncover it.

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Resource Information

Description:Student activities include reading and comprehension questions along with sketching ancient artefacts.
Estimated lessons:2
Ages16-18 years
Format Word Document

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