First World War Technology Assessment Task worksheet lesson plan

First World War Technology Assessment

Embark on an investigative journey into the heart of the First World War with our dynamic “First World War Technology Assessment” worksheet. This assessment is designed to delve into the technological innovations that revolutionised warfare on land, air, and sea, offering students a unique opportunity to explore the engineering marvels and strategic advancements that played pivotal roles in shaping the outcomes of one of history’s most significant conflicts.

“First World War Technology Assessment” challenges students to engage deeply with historical technologies such as trench warfare, gas attacks, tanks, and artillery on land; fighter aircraft and zeppelins in the skies; and the stealthy manoeuvres of U-boats and the might of battleships at sea. Through partner research tasks, students are guided to investigate the origins, initial deployments, successes, and challenges of these technologies, fostering a comprehensive understanding of their impact on the war’s dynamics.

This assessment is crafted not just to evaluate students’ knowledge but to stimulate their analytical and critical thinking. By analysing different historiographical perspectives, students are encouraged to present balanced viewpoints, enhancing their ability to engage in informed historical debates. The requirement to incorporate historical sources, pictures, and maps into their presentations ensures that students develop a nuanced appreciation of the period’s technological advancements within their broader historical context.

The “First World War Technology Assessment” goes beyond mere memorisation, pushing students to craft their own Historical Investigation questions. This approach empowers students to take charge of their learning, exploring the technological underpinnings of the war in a manner that is both educational and deeply engaging. It’s an assessment designed not only to gauge understanding but also to inspire a deeper connection with the past, honing students’ research, analysis, and presentation skills in the process.

In completing this assessment, students not only demonstrate their grasp of the First World War’s technological landscape but also their ability to critically assess historical events and their lasting implications. The “First World War Technology Assessment” is an invaluable tool for educators looking to cultivate a classroom environment where history is not just learned but experienced, encouraging a profound engagement with the past that resonates well beyond the classroom.

Marking Guide Included.

First World War Technology Assessment Worksheet

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Resource Information

Description:Student activities include a group work assessment task on the technology used in the First World War. Includes instructions and marking guide.
Estimated lessons:6-8.
Ages14-18 years
Format Word Document

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