My Life as an Ancient Roman Student Worksheet

My Life as an Ancient Roman Worksheet

Immerse your students in ancient Rome’s vibrant and complex society with the “My Life as an Ancient Roman” lesson plan. This unique educational experience enables students to step back in time and explore people’s daily lives from one of history’s most influential civilisations. Students will understand the social structures, cultural practices, and day-to-day activities that shaped Roman life by researching and embodying a Roman citizen.

The lesson begins with a thorough research phase, during which students delve into topics such as Roman entertainment, food, clothing, and social roles. They are encouraged to use reputable sources such as textbooks, library books, and vetted online resources to gather accurate and detailed information. This foundational knowledge sets the stage for deeper engagement and learning.

Following their research, students will choose a specific member of Roman society to embody. They will write a diary entry as this person, detailing a day in their life, thus applying their knowledge creatively and personally. This activity fosters empathy and historical perspective and enhances writing and narrative skills.

Additionally, the lesson includes an artefact creation exercise, where students select an object relevant to their chosen character—be it a piece of jewellery, a weapon, or a household tool—and create a representation of it. This hands-on component encourages students to connect with their character on a material level and deepens their understanding of Roman technological and artistic achievements.

“My Life as an Ancient Roman” is designed to make history tangible and engaging. Students will leave the lesson with a richer grasp of Roman history, enhanced research skills, and a creative approach to learning that they can apply across disciplines. This worksheet educates and inspires curiosity and a deeper appreciation for the complexities of historical lives.

Transform your history lessons into a dynamic exploration of ancient Rome with “My Life as an Ancient Roman,” where students don’t just learn about history—they experience it.

My Life as an Ancient Roman Student Worksheet

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Resource Information

Description:Student activity includes a mini-research task, writing a diary entry whilst using correct historical terminology and the creation and drawing of an ancient artefact.
Estimated lessons:3.
Ages11-14 years.
Format PDF.

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