Ancient Egypt Find-a-word

Ancient Egypt Find-a-word

The Ancient Egypt Find-a-word activity is an engaging and interactive way for students to learn about keywords associated with Ancient Egypt during the time of the Pharaohs. This lesson plan includes a range of keywords such as pyramids, pharaohs, mummies, hieroglyphics, and more. The aim is for students to find the words within the activity and gain a deeper understanding of their meanings.

In addition to the Find-a-word activity, students are given a research task to define each keyword. This allows them to expand their knowledge beyond just the activity and learn more about the fascinating history of Ancient Egypt.

The lesson plan is designed to be accessible to students of all learning levels and can be easily adapted for both in-class and remote learning formats. It’s a fun and engaging way to introduce students to the topic of Ancient Egypt and can be used as a standalone lesson or as part of a larger unit of study.

By completing this activity, students will better understand Ancient Egypt and develop their research and critical thinking skills. It’s a great way to encourage students to engage with the topic and to spark their interest in history.

In conclusion, the Ancient Egypt Find-a-word activity is valuable to any history lesson plan. Its interactive and engaging approach will surely capture students’ attention and help them develop a deeper understanding of this fascinating period in human history.

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Resource Information

Description:Find-a-word activity and research task to find the definition of keywords.
Estimated lessons:1
AgesAll ages
Format Word Document

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