1905 Russian Revolution worksheet lesson plan

1905 Russian Revolution Worksheet

The 1905 Russian Revolution was a significant moment in the history of Tsarist Russia, and it is a topic of great relevance for history teachers today. This revolution was a period of great upheaval and unrest as the Russian people rose up against the autocratic rule of the Tsar. This 1905 Russian Revolution worksheet is an excellent resource for history teachers, as it provides an overview of the key events and themes of the revolution, with a particular focus on the weakness of the Tsar and the strength of the opposition.

The worksheet is designed to help students develop their comprehension skills, and it includes activities such as source analysis, comprehension questions, and the creation of a newspaper article.

One of the central themes of the 1905 Russian Revolution was the weakness of the Tsarist regime. For many years, the Tsars had maintained their grip on power through force and coercion. However, by the turn of the 20th century, the Tsarist regime was beginning to show signs of strain. Russia’s rapid industrialisation and modernisation brought with it new ideas and political movements, and the working classes were beginning to organise and demand better conditions.

The revolution was further fuelled by disastrous military defeats in the Russo-Japanese War of 1904-1905. These defeats eroded the legitimacy of the Tsarist regime and strengthened the opposition’s resolve. The revolution was marked by a series of strikes, protests and demonstrations, culminating in a mass protest in St. Petersburg in January 1905. The protest, known as Bloody Sunday, was met with brutal force by the Tsarist troops, sparking a wave of violence and unrest across the country.

While the 1905 Russian Revolution failed to bring about any lasting change in Tsarist Russia, it remains an essential topic for history teachers to explore with their students. The worksheet provides a valuable resource for teachers to help their students understand the complex and tumultuous events of the revolution. With its emphasis on source analysis and critical thinking, the worksheet will help students develop their comprehension skills while learning about this critical period in Russian history.

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Description:Student activities include source analysis, comprehension and creation of a newspaper article.
Estimated lessons:2
Ages16-18 years
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