Lessons on The Vikings

The Cunning History Teacher’s Lesson Plans on the Vikings, offer students with a detailed understanding of the events, people, and forces that shaped the Viking Age.

One of the key themes of our Lesson Plans is the examination of the Viking society and culture. Students will learn about their daily life, including their social classes, family structure, and religious beliefs. They will also learn about their seafaring capabilities and the technology they used for their voyages.

Another important aspect of the Lesson Plans is the examination of the Viking’s expansion and impact on Europe. Students will learn about their raids, trade, and settlements in Europe, and the ways in which it affected the people living in the areas they conquered. They will also learn about the cultural exchange between the Vikings and the people they encountered and the lasting impact it had on European society.

We also include a focus on the legacy of the Vikings. Students will learn about the ongoing impact of the Vikings on European culture and history, as well as the ways in which the Viking Age continues to shape the continent and its people. They will also learn about the efforts to recognise and understand the Vikings, and the ways in which contemporary society can learn from and respond to this history.

Overall, our Lesson Plans offer a comprehensive and engaging look at the history of the Vikings. Through a combination of primary source analysis, critical thinking, and historical context, students will gain a deeper understanding of this complex and important period of history. These lesson plans are perfect for any teacher looking to provide their students with a detailed and thoughtful look at the Viking Age and its impact on the world.

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The Vikings significant Individuals Assessment task

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Viking Timeline Activity Worksheet.

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Vikings find a word student worksheet

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