Lessons on The Treatment and Display of Human Remains

Explore the complex topic of the treatment and display of human remains with our engaging lesson plans. Designed for students studying Ancient History, these lessons provide opportunities for students to investigate the preservation, analysis, significance, display, and repatriation of human remains in a fun and interactive way.

Our lesson ideas include historical concepts and skills that allow students to gain a deeper understanding of what archaeologists do in their work environment within this area. By learning about the treatment and display of human remains, students will gain a greater appreciation of the importance of cultural sensitivity and the ethical considerations surrounding the handling of human remains.

These lessons have been used in the classroom and have been modified based on feedback from teachers and students to ensure they are engaging and effective. They are also editable, allowing teachers to adapt the content to match their teaching style and the learning needs of their students.

Our students have loved learning about the treatment and display of human remains and we are confident that yours will too! These lessons provide a unique and valuable learning experience that is not only informative, but also thought-provoking and engaging. Sign up now and give your students the opportunity to explore this fascinating topic in a meaningful and impactful way.

Condition, Preservation, Discovery and Removal of Ancient Human Remains Worksheet

Condition, Preservation, Discovery and Removal

Unlock the mysteries of the past with the “Condition, Preservation, Discovery and Removal of Ancient Human Remains” lesson plan. This […]

Bog Bodies Tollund Man Student Worksheet

Tollund Man Student Worksheet

In ancient times, the bodies of individuals who died in bogs were sometimes preserved, creating what is known as bog […]

Iceman Internet Research Task Worksheet

Iceman Internet Research Task

This worksheet is designed to help students understand the significance of Otzi the Iceman, a well-preserved human body discovered in […]

Dating Methods worksheet lesson plan

Ancient Human Remains Dating Methods

Dive into the past with “Ancient Human Remains Dating Methods,” a revolutionary lesson plan tailored to ignite the curiosity of […]

Reading the Remains lesson

Reading the Remains Worksheet

Dive into the ancient world with the “Reading the Remains Worksheet,” a lesson plan designed to bridge the gap between […]

Ancient Human Remains Introduction PowerPoint Lesson Plan

Ancient Human Remains Introduction

In this history lesson, students will explore the fascinating topic of ancient human remains. From Mummified Scythians to Inuit boys, […]

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