Lessons on The Cold War and the Americas (1945–1981)

The Cunning History Teacher proudly presents a series of meticulously designed lesson plans on “The Cold War and the Americas (1945–1981).” Each plan is thoughtfully crafted, spotlighting key historical events and integrating captivating student activities.

Lessons within this topic allow students to delve deep into the implications of Truman’s policy for the Americas. Engaging activities help students critically assess the rise of McCarthyism and its effects on the U.S. domestically and internationally. The lessons also shed light on the socio-cultural impacts of the Cold War across the region.

Through interactive lessons, students will dissect the U.S. and the Americas’ involvement in the Korean War, including military developments and the ensuing diplomatic aftermath. Varied activities prompt robust discussions on the war’s larger ramifications.

Eisenhower and Dulles’ ‘New Look’ Policy: Students will navigate the intricacies of this policy, exploring its foundational attributes, its establishment reasons, and its lasting legacy in the Americas through hands-on exercises.

The Vietnam War Era: Beyond understanding the U.S.’s layered involvement, students will immerse in activities discussing Canada’s stance of non-support and the broader Latin American response to the conflict.

U.S. Foreign Policies – Kennedy to Carter: These lessons prompt students to analyse policies’ underpinnings, achievements, and challenges across these presidential tenures. Interactive sessions delve into events like Kennedy’s ‘Alliance for Progress’, Nixon’s covert Chile operations, and Carter’s Panama Canal Treaty initiatives in 1977.

Focus on One American Country during the Cold War: Students will undertake a granular study, employing hands-on tasks to unravel the Cold War’s intricacies within a chosen country.

The Cunning History Teacher provides an invaluable assortment of classroom resources so teachers can feel confident in teaching this unit. Tailored for efficiency and engagement, these resources are great for educators, significantly reducing lesson prep time and ensuring a dynamic learning environment. Dive into history with the expertise of The Cunning History Teacher guiding the way.

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