Prescribed subject 4: Rights and protest Lesson Plans

Rights and Protests is an essential topic for students studying the IB History Paper 1 course. Our lesson plans provide opportunities for students to explore the subject of rights and protests by examining a range of primary and secondary sources. This allows students to understand how to analyse sources critically and support their analysis with clear and specific examples directly from the sources.

Studying rights and protests is essential to understanding the past and the present. It is a topic that allows students to explore how individuals and groups have fought for their rights and how those struggles have shaped our world. By examining primary sources such as photographs, speeches, and personal accounts, students can gain a deeper understanding of the events and personalities that have shaped rights and protest movements.

Our lesson plans include various activities to engage students in the subject matter. These include source analysis, critical thinking exercises, research tasks, group work, and kahoots!. Additionally, our lesson plans have been designed to be easily adaptable to match the teaching style and learning needs of different teachers and students.

Our lesson plans have been tried and tested in the classroom and developed based on feedback from students and teachers. This ensures that they are effective and engaging. Give your students the opportunity to dive deeper into the topic of rights and protests with our comprehensive IB History Paper 1 lesson plans. Sign up now and help your students develop the skills they need to excel on the IB History Paper 1 exam.

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