Middle Ages Lesson Plans

The Cunning History Teacher offers a wide range of lesson plans covering a variety of topics from the Middle Ages, spanning all continents inhabited by humans from 500 AD to 1500 AD. These lessons provide an in-depth look into the political, economic, and social aspects of the time period and also cover the events, people, and forces that shaped the history of the world during this period.

Middle Ages Lesson topics include Medieval Europe, the Ottoman Empire, Japan under the Shoguns, The Tudors, The Crusades, Anglo-Saxon and Norman England, the Colonization of North America, and The Vikings. All of the lessons focus on geography, significant individuals, religion, and social classes, which helps students understand the context of the period.

The lesson plans also include a variety of student activities designed to engage students in the learning process. These activities range from comprehension questions, group work, source analysis, quizzes, research tasks, virtual tours, and kahoots! to name just a few. They are designed to help students understand the material in a hands-on and interactive way.

The lessons have been used in the classroom and refined based on student feedback. This ensures that they are engaging, effective, and easy to understand. Teachers can easily download and use the lesson plans as is or adapt them to suit their teaching style and their student’s learning needs. The flexibility of the lesson plans allows teachers to tailor the material to their student’s specific needs, making it easy to incorporate into their curriculum.

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