Lessons on Mao's China

Explore the history of China under the leadership of Chairman Mao Zedong with our ready-to-use lesson plans. These lessons focus on the impact of domestic political, social, and economic policies during the Chinese Communist Party’s rule, as well as the changes brought about by Mao’s leadership. The lessons also delve into the modernization of China’s economy since Mao’s death.

This lesson plan resource library will allow students to gain a comprehensive understanding of the Chinese Communist Party’s rule and the ways in which it impacted the country’s politics, society, and economy. They will learn about the implementation of policies such as the Great Leap Forward and the Cultural Revolution, and their consequences. The lesson also covers the economic reform and opening-up policy under Deng Xiaoping, which helped to modernize the economy of China.

These lessons ideas are designed to engage students and enhance their critical thinking skills through the use of primary and secondary sources, class discussions and group activities. They are ideal for educators looking to provide their students with a deeper understanding of Chinese history and politics, as well as the role that economic policies play in shaping a country’s future.

By studying the history of China under Mao’s rule, students will be able to understand the complexities of politics, society, and economic policies that shape a nation. They will also be able to appreciate the challenges that a country may face during a transition period and the economic policies that can be implemented to improve the standard of living for its citizens.

Economic Factors Mao's China PowerPoint Lesson

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