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The Cunning History Teacher is a premier destination for IB History educators and pupils, presenting an extensive library of meticulously crafted lesson plans aligned with the IBDP History curriculum and syllabus. Our resources span a wide array of topics across Papers 1, 2, and 3, including pivotal events such as the First World War and the Russian Revolution, along with in-depth studies of significant regimes and periods like Fascist Italy, Nazi Germany, and the interwar years in Japan and Britain. The curriculum offers deep dives into the lives and influences of historical figures such as Alexander II, Nicholas II, Hitler, and Mussolini, ensuring comprehensive understanding.

Designed to foster engagement and analytical skills, the curriculum incorporates various student-centred activities, ranging from comprehension exercises and group projects to source analysis, quizzes, research assignments, and interactive Kahoots. With a focus on Paper 1 source skills, complemented by practical examples, students are well-equipped to achieve excellence in their exams.

Reflecting a commitment to educational excellence, these lesson plans are classroom-tested and refined through student feedback, guaranteeing an academically robust, adaptable, and effective teaching toolkit. Educators are empowered to either deploy the curriculum as designed or customise it to match their classrooms’ distinct teaching methodologies and learning preferences. This adaptability ensures a personalised learning journey for each student, optimising the curriculum’s relevance and impact in diverse educational settings.

Opt for The Cunning History Teacher to access a curriculum that extensively covers the IBDP History course content and key figures and emphasises student engagement through dynamic activities. Classroom-validated and flexible for customisation, our curriculum is an indispensable asset for educators aiming to enrich their teaching and for students striving for academic success in IBDP History.

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