Lessons on Historical Skills

Unlock the key to understanding history with our expertly crafted lesson plans. Our resources focus on developing essential historical skills such as background knowledge, chronology, change and continuity, causes and consequences, significance, and motives and empathy.

Our materials include interactive activities, primary sources, and opportunities for research and critical thinking. By gaining a clear understanding of historical information, understanding chronology, exploring change and continuity, analyzing causes and consequences, understanding significance, and developing empathy for different perspectives, students will be able to gain a deeper understanding of the past and its impact on the present.

Our resources are suitable for both face-to-face and online classrooms and have been designed by experienced history teachers to help students ask intelligent questions about the past and improve their overall knowledge of historical periods. With our resources, students will have the tools they need to excel in their history studies and become critical thinkers. Download our lesson plans now and see the difference in your students’ understanding and engagement.

Time Travelers Toolkit Infographic and student activity

Travelers Toolkit Infographic

Dive into history with the “Travelers Toolkit Learning to Solve the Past Infographic,” a brilliantly designed tool crafted to enrich […]

History Icebreaker Worksheet worksheet

History Back-to-School Icebreaker Worksheet

The “History Back-to-School Icebreaker Worksheet” is an innovative lesson plan designed to captivate students at the start of their historical […]

Understanding Historical Sources Student Worksheet

Understanding Historical Sources

“Understanding Historical Sources” is an interactive worksheet designed to take high school students on a deep dive into the heart […]

Historical Term, Concepts and Understanding Interactive Notebook

Historical Terms, Concepts and Understanding Interactive Notebook incorporates both conventional and modern day learning. This notebook allows younger students, who […]

Researching Tips for searching the Internet

The Cunning History Teacher’s Lesson Plan on Researching Tips for Searching the Internet – “Stop Researching like my Aunty Gladys” […]

historical terms and concepts lesson

Historical Terms and Concepts Worksheet

The Historical Terms and Concepts worksheet is a valuable resource for history teachers looking to help students understand the key […]

Primary and Secondary Source Worksheet

Primary and Secondary Source Worksheet

When studying history, it’s important for students to understand the difference between primary and secondary sources. This worksheet is designed […]

UNESCO World Heritage Strengths worksheet

UNESCO World Heritage Strengths

This Middle School worksheet on UNESCO World Heritage Strengths provides students with an insightful and engaging learning experience. This worksheet […]

Archaeology Worksheet for middle school students

Archaeology Worksheet

This Personal Archaeology worksheet is the perfect activity for middle school students to learn about their own family history. This […]

National Museums and World Heritage UNESCO Worksheet

National Museums and World Heritage UNESCO Worksheet

The National Museums and World Heritage UNESCO Worksheet is a unique opportunity for students to delve into the world of […]

Preserved Artefacts Activity worksheet. Learn to be an archaeologist. Archaeology lesson idea.

Preserved Artefacts Activity

As a history teacher, it’s important to introduce your students to the fascinating world of archaeology and the role that […]

How to Format Your Newspaper Article

How to Format Your Newspaper Article

The “How to Format Your Newspaper Article” worksheet is an essential tool for students who want to present their research […]

How to write a personal letter student worksheet

How to Write a Personal Letter

In today’s digital age, personal letters have become a lost art. However, understanding the historical significance of personal letters is […]

Understanding History Lesson Worksheet

Understanding History

Welcome to the Understanding History lesson! This lesson plan is specifically created for students who are new to the discipline […]

Life in Ur Source Work worksheet lesson plan

Life in Ur Source Work

This “Life in Ur Source Work” worksheet aims to provide students with an understanding of how historians gather information about […]

Learning About Historical Sources

Analysing and interpreting historical sources is a crucial skill for students to develop to understand the past. The lesson plan […]

Answering an OPCVL Question Worksheet Lesson plan

Answering an OPCVL Question Worksheet

The “Answering an OPCVL Question” Worksheet is a valuable resource for IB Diploma History students who want to improve their […]

Dating Methods worksheet lesson plan

Ancient Human Remains Dating Methods

Dive into the past with “Ancient Human Remains Dating Methods,” a revolutionary lesson plan tailored to ignite the curiosity of […]

How Historians Understand History middle school lesson

How Historians Understand History

Embark on a journey through time with “How Historians Understand History,” a lesson plan meticulously crafted to spark students’ curiosity […]

Primary and Secondary quiz for middle school students

Primary and Secondary Source Quiz

The “Primary and Secondary Sources Quiz” – is an engaging and interactive worksheet that introduces middle school students to the […]

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