Lessons on Early Civilizations and Societies for Middle School

Unlock the mysteries of early civilizations and societies with our comprehensive lesson plans and resources. Our pre-made classroom materials cover a wide range of civilizations and societies from around the world, including the Sumerians, Mayans, Aztecs and many more. We have also created lessons that introduce younger students to the field of archaeology and key historical terms and concepts.

Our easily editable resources have been created by experienced teachers and have been tested and refined based on feedback from students. Resource activities could include interactive activities, primary sources, and opportunities for research, critical thinking, and analysis. These activities will engage students and help them understand the complexities of early civilizations and societies.

Suitable for both face-to-face and online classrooms, our early civilizations and societies lesson plans are guaranteed to enhance your students’ understanding and interest in history. Join the thousands of educators who have already experienced the power of our resources and see the difference in your students’ understanding and engagement. With our resources, you can cater to your individual teaching style and the learning needs of your students.

Ancient World Heritage Sites Research Task

Ancient World Heritage Sites Research Task

The Cunning History Teacher lesson plan on Ancient World Heritage Sites Research Task aims to introduce students to the diverse […]

Aztecs - The Legend of the Bat

Aztecs – The Legend of the Bat

“The Aztecs – The Legend of the Bat” lesson plan is a captivating educational resource that brings the rich history […]

The Aztec's and the Spanish Encounters lesson

The Aztec’s and the Spanish Encounters

The Aztecs and the Spanish Encounters is a lesson plan that allows students to explore the thoughts and feelings of […]

Life as an Ancient Sumerian Worksheet

Life as a Sumerian in Sumer Worksheet

Step back in time with the engaging lesson plan, Life as an Ancient Sumerian. Delve into the rich history of […]

Mayan Diary Entry Student Worksheet

Mayan Diary Entry Worksheet

Through the Cunning History Teacher lesson plan on Mayan Diary Entry Student Worksheet, students can explore the ancient culture and […]

The Maya lesson

The Maya

The Ancient Maya were a civilisation that flourished in Mesoamerica for thousands of years, leaving behind a rich cultural legacy […]

Mayan Crossword Puzzle

Maya Crossword Puzzle

The Ancient Maya civilization is a fascinating topic that captures the imagination of students of all ages. This lesson plan, […]

Sumerian Inventions worksheet

Sumerian Inventions

The Ancient Sumerians were one of the first civilisations in history, and their innovations and inventions have impacted the world. […]

Mesopotamia Crossword Puzzle

Mesopotamia Crossword Puzzle

The Mesopotamia Crossword Puzzle is a professional-looking worksheet that is perfect for any student studying Mesopotamia. This puzzle is great […]

Ancient Mesopotamia Introduction Lesson

Ancient Mesopotamia

The Ancient Mesopotamia Introduction Lesson is a comprehensive and engaging way for students to learn about one of the world’s […]

Early Humans the stone age Lesson Plan

Early Humans during the Stone Age

The lesson plan on “Early Humans” delves into the fascinating era known as the Stone Age, which began around 30,000 […]

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