Lessons on Case Study 2: Richard I of England (1173–1199)

Our lesson plans are tailored to align with the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) History Paper 1 topic on military leaders, specifically focusing on Richard I of England (1173–1199). These lessons are designed to give students a comprehensive understanding of his leadership, campaigns, and impact, contributing significantly to their preparation for the IBDP History examination.

Through an in-depth exploration of Richard’s rise to power, military prowess, and strategic campaigns, students will gain valuable insights into the qualities and challenges of medieval military leadership. The curriculum covers key elements such as the revolt against Henry II, the Third Crusade, and Richard’s lasting influence on England, France, and beyond. By examining primary and secondary sources, engaging in interactive activities, and completing research tasks, students will enhance their critical thinking and analytical skills, essential for success in the IBDP History examination.

The lessons also address the various ways Richard’s military leadership shaped the political, economic, social, cultural, and religious landscape of his time. Understanding these wide-reaching impacts will provide students with a well-rounded perspective that is crucial for answering document-based questions and crafting well-informed essays, key components of the IBDP History Paper 1.

In preparing for the IB examination, students will not only familiarise themselves with Richard I’s era but also develop the ability to analyse historical events, interpret various sources, and articulate their understandings in a clear, concise manner. These skills are invaluable for achieving excellence in the IBDP History examination and for fostering a lifelong appreciation for historical study.

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