Lessons on Case study 1: Genghis Khan c1200–1227

Our lesson plans listed below provide students with an in-depth understanding of the important historical period of Genghis Khan c1200-1227 and the personalities that shaped it. The lessons include primary and secondary sources, interactive activities, quizzes, research tasks, and kahoots! All lessons are editable to allow teachers to modify the content to match their teaching style and the learning needs of their students.

Students will study Genghis Khan’s rise to power, his success in uniting rival tribes and achieving his objectives. The lessons also explore his reputation as a military leader and his importance to the success of the Mongol Empire.

In addition, the lessons cover the Mongol campaigns, including the invasion of China and the capture of Beijing in 1215, the invasion of Central Asia and Iran, and the Mongol invasion of Khwarezmia from 1219 to 1221. The lessons delve into Mongol military technology, organisation, strategy, and tactics.

Students will also explore the impact of Genghis Khan and the Mongol Empire on politics, administration, and the establishment of Mongol law and meritocracy. The lessons discuss the economic impact of the Mongol Empire, including establishing, enhancing, and protecting trade routes. Finally, the lessons examine the social, cultural, and religious impact of the Mongol Empire, including population displacement, terror, looting, murdering, raiding and destruction of settlements, religious, cultural, and technological exchange, and religious freedom under the Mongols.

Our lessons are designed to be interactive and engaging, allowing students to learn about the topic through various mediums. They can analyse the sources and events to develop their own conclusions, enhancing their critical thinking skills. Students will gain a deeper understanding of this fascinating and important period in world history by studying Genghis Khan and the Mongol Empire.

Mongol invasion of Central Asia and Iran; Mongol invasion of Khwarezmia (1219–1221) worksheet

Mongol Invasion of Central Asia

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Invasion of China and the Jin Dynasty

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Mongol military technology, organisation, strategy and tactics PowerPoint

Mongol military technology

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Genghis Khan military Prowess lesson

Military Prowess

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Genghis Khan's Rise to Power and the Unification of the Mongol Tribes Lesson Plan PowerPoint

Genghis Khan’s Rise to Power

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Introduction to Mongolia Lesson PowerPoint

Introduction to Mongolia

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