Lessons on Apartheid South Africa (1948–1964)

This comprehensive topic focuses on the intense struggle for rights and freedoms in Apartheid-era South Africa (1948-1964), as explored through a series of educational lessons the Cunning History Teacher curated, utilising the IBDP History curriculum as a framework. The course explores the various forms and impacts of discrimination under “Petty” and “Grand” Apartheid laws, revealing a starkly divided society characterised by education segregation, forced population displacement, and segregated townships. The spectrum of protest methods is investigated, from non-violent initiatives such as bus boycotts to violent incidents like the Sharpeville massacre. Official reactions, exemplified by the Rivonia trial and ANC leader imprisonments, are considered. Key figures and groups like Nelson Mandela, Albert Luthuli, the ANC, the South African Communist Party, and ‘Spear of the Nation’ (Umkhonto we Sizwe) are spotlighted, recognising their significant roles in this historical epoch.

Exploring Non-violent Resistance to Apartheid student worksheet

Non-violent Resistance to Apartheid

Delve into the heart of South Africa’s turbulent past with “Exploring Non-violent Resistance to Apartheid,” a meticulously crafted lesson plan […]

segregation of education South Africa worksheet

Segregation of Education

The Segregation of Education in Apartheid South Africa lesson plan will immerse students in exploring one of history’s most profound […]

Creation of Townships Forced Removals South Africa Worksheet

Creation of Townships/Forced Removals

Dive into the tumultuous era of apartheid with our innovative and engaging history lesson plan, “Creation of Townships/Forced Removals”. Engulfed […]

Division and Classification in South Africa

Division and Classification

Delve into a significant period in South Africa’s history with our “Division and Classification” PowerPoint lesson plan. This well-prepared lesson […]

Petty Apartheid and Grand Apartheid legislation PowerPoint Lesson

Petty Apartheid and Grand Apartheid legislation

The Petty Apartheid and Grand Apartheid legislation PowerPoint is an invaluable tool tailored for IBDP History students studying Apartheid. This […]

Origins of Apartheid PowerPoint Lesson

The Origins of Apartheid

Unveil the dramatic narrative of South Africa’s past with “The Origins of Apartheid”, a vibrant, concise PowerPoint lesson that encapsulates […]

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