Lessons on Ancient Greece for Middle School

Discover the fascinating world of Ancient Greece with our comprehensive lesson plans and resources. The ancient Greek civilisation that emerged along the Mediterranean Sea was unique and has left an enduring legacy that continues to influence the world today. From its rich political and philosophical ideas to its art, literature, and scientific advancements, Ancient Greece has shaped the way we think and live today.

Our lesson plans and resources are designed to bring the ancient world to life in your classroom and are suitable for face-to-face and online instruction. Each resource is created by experienced history teachers and includes interactive activities, primary sources, and opportunities for research, critical thinking, and analysis. These activities will engage students and help them understand the complexities of Ancient Greek civilisation.

The political ideology of Ancient Greece had a profound influence on Western civilisation. The concept of democracy, for instance, was first established in Athens and still forms the basis of modern political systems today. Additionally, the games, drama, and other cultural practices of Ancient Greece are still celebrated and studied today.

Ancient Greece was also a civilisation that greatly valued knowledge and learning. The Greeks were responsible for many scientific discoveries and advancements, particularly in mathematics, astronomy, and medicine. This legacy continues to influence how we think and understand the world today.

Ancient Greek Inventions and Discoveries

Unveil the secrets of the past with “Exploring Ancient Greek Inventions and Discoveries,” a lesson plan that catapults middle school […]

Exploring Ancient Greek Philosophers worksheet

Exploring Ancient Greek Philosophers

Set sail on an enlightening journey to Ancient Greece with our “Exploring Greek Philosophers” lesson plan. This dynamic worksheet will […]

Ancient Greek Gods and Goddesses worksheet

Ancient Greek Gods and Goddesses

In the “Discovering Ancient Greek Gods and Goddesses” worksheet, students will explore the fascinating world of Greek mythology through engaging […]

An introduction to Sparta Worksheet lesson

An Introduction to Sparta

An Introduction to Sparta Worksheet is an essential tool for middle school children studying ancient Greece for the first time. […]

Ancient Greek Governments

Ancient Greek Governments

The lesson plan on Ancient Greek Governments is a valuable resource for educators looking to provide their younger students with […]

Ancient Greece Diary Entry Worksheet

Ancient Greece Diary Entry Worksheet

This history lesson plan, “Ancient Greece Diary Entry Worksheet”, provides an interesting opportunity for upper primary and younger middle school […]

Ancient Greek Legacies lesson

Ancient Greek Legacies

Welcome to Ancient Greek Legacies, a concise and compelling lesson plan designed to whisk middle school students back to the […]

Ancient Greece Crossword Puzzle

Ancient Greece Crossword Puzzle

The Ancient Greece Crossword Puzzle is a professional-looking worksheet that is perfect for any student studying Ancient Greece. This puzzle […]

This Ancient Greek Gods and Goddesses Worksheet includes an overview of Ancient Greek Gods and Goddesses and their connection to Ancient Roman Gods and Goddesses along with a description of each.

Ancient Greek Gods & Goddesses Match Game

The ancient Greeks and Romans both had a rich pantheon of gods and goddesses, each with their own unique characteristics, […]

Ancient Greek Warfare middle school lesson

Ancient Greek Warfare

Studying Ancient Greek Warfare is crucial for all middle school students who want to delve into the depths of world […]

Ancient Greece Hoplite Worksheet Activity lesson

Ancient Greece Hoplite Worksheet

The Ancient Greek Hoplite was one of the ancient world’s most iconic and well-known soldiers. This powerful warrior was at […]

Alexander the Great and Pericles Student Worksheet

Alexander the Great and Pericles Worksheet

The “Exploring the Lives of Pericles and Alexander the Great Worksheet” offers middle school educators a streamlined, inquiry-based approach to […]

Ancient Greece Personalities, Significant Individuals Assessment Task lesson plan

Ancient Greece Personalities Assessment Task

The Ancient Greece Personalities Assessment Task is a comprehensive assessment task designed to help students gain a deeper understanding of […]

Daily Life in Ancient Greece lesson plan PowerPoint

Daily Life in Ancient Greece

In this lesson plan, we’ll explore the daily life of the Ancient Greeks, focusing on the city of Athens. Ancient […]

Ancient Greek Religion lesson plan worksheet

Ancient Greek Religion

In this lesson plan, we’ll be diving into the world of Ancient Greek religion. The Ancient Greeks were deeply religious […]

Ancient Greece Find-a-word worksheet lesson plan

Ancient Greece Find-a-word

Welcome to the Ancient Greece Find-a-word activity, a worksheet designed to introduce younger students to the exciting world of Ancient […]

The Geography of Ancient Greece PowerPoint Lesson

The Geography of Ancient Greece

Discover the geography of Ancient Greece with our engaging history lesson! Designed specifically for younger students or those new to […]

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