Lessons on Ancient China for Middle School

Explore the rich history of Ancient China with our comprehensive lesson plans and resources. Learn about the legendary Xia Dynasty, traditional Chinese philosophies such as Confucianism and Daoism, and China’s rise as a global superpower. Discover the ancient wonders of China such as the Great Wall and the Terracotta Warriors and immerse your students in the culture and history of this fascinating civilization.

Our easily editable lesson plans and ideas are designed to cater to different teaching styles and learning needs of educators and students. Engage your students with interactive activities, primary sources, and opportunities for research and critical thinking. Each lesson has been tested and refined based on feedback from educators and students, ensuring they are engaging and effective. Join the thousands of educators who have already experienced the power of our Ancient China resources and see the difference in your students’ understanding and engagement.

Ancient China Diary Entry Student Worksheet

Ancient China Diary Entry Student Worksheet

This history lesson plan, “Ancient China Diary Entry Student Worksheet”, provides a unique way for students to gain understanding of […]

Ancient China Crossword Puzzle

Ancient China Crossword Puzzle

The Ancient China Crossword Puzzle is a great way to enhance learning and review key vocabulary terms for any Ancient […]

Significant Individual Research Assessment on Ancient China Worksheet with Rubic

Ancient China Significant Individuals

Ancient China is an intriguing topic that has fascinated students for years. One way to explore this rich history is […]

Ancient Chinese Legacies PowerPoint Lesson Plan

Ancient Chinese Legacies

This lesson plan, “Ancient Chinese Legacies”, delves into the Great Wall of China and Terracotta Warriors. The aim is to […]

Government and Laws in Ancient China PowerPoint Lesson Plan

Government and Laws in Ancient China

“Government and Laws in Ancient China” lesson plan delves into the rule of Qin Shi Huang and the laws and […]

Death and Funerary Customs Assessment task

Ancient China Death and Funerary Customs

Studying ancient cultures is fascinating and can help us better understand our present world. One way to delve deeper into […]

Trade and Contact in Ancient China

Trade and Contact in Ancient China

This ancient history lesson focuses on “Trade and Contact in Ancient China”, specifically focusing on the Silk Road. This trade […]

Society and Daily Life in Ancient China PowerPoint Lesson Plan

Society and Daily Life in Ancient China

The Society and Daily Life in Ancient China lesson plan is designed to introduce younger students to the social structure […]

Ancient China Geographical features worksheet lesson plan

China’s Geographical Features

“China’s Geographical Features” worksheet is a lesson plan designed to introduce students to the various physical features of China’s landscape. […]

Ancient Chinese Religion and Beliefs lesson plan PowerPoint

Ancient Chinese Religion and Beliefs

Ancient Chinese religion and beliefs were a complex and multifaceted aspect of Chinese culture. This lesson plan focuses on the […]

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