WWI Managing the War lesson plan

WWI Managing the War

The “WWI Managing the War” modern history lesson is designed to provide history teachers with a comprehensive overview of the management of World War One, with a specific focus on the Home Front of the main European countries about economics, manpower, and alliances. The main countries discussed in this PowerPoint are Britain, Russia, and Germany. The lesson, however, touches on the USA and Austria-Hungary. The lesson is presented in a PowerPoint, making it accessible and customisable for teachers.

The lesson begins with an introduction to the key events leading up to the outbreak of World War One, including the various alliances that were formed between European powers. This is followed by an exploration of the various economic and manpower challenges faced by the countries involved in the war, including the impact of the war on civilian populations and the role of women in the workforce.

Throughout the lesson, students will be engaged through various activities, including watching short films highlighting key aspects of the war and its impact on different groups of people. Comprehension activities will help students to deepen their understanding of the material covered in the lesson. At the same time, creating an Infographic will encourage them to think critically about the information they have learned and communicate it creatively and visually appealingly.

By the end of the “WWI Managing the War” lesson, students should have a solid understanding of the key events and players involved in World War One and the various challenges faced by the Home Front of the main European countries. They will also have the opportunity to engage with the material in various ways, helping to ensure that they have retained and can apply their newfound knowledge. Overall, this lesson plan is an excellent resource for any history teacher looking to bring the history of World War One to life for their students.

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Resource Information

Description:Student activities include watching short films, comprehension and the creation of an Infographic.
Estimated lessons:2
Ages14 years and up.
Format PowerPoint.

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