From the White Australia Policy to a Multicultural Era worksheet

White Australia Policy to a Multicultural Era

“From the White Australia Policy to a Multicultural Era” is a dynamic lesson plan that breathes life into the riveting tale of Australia’s evolution from a restrictive immigration policy to a beacon of multiculturalism.

Immerse your students in the dramatic changes that shook Australia post-World War II. The abolishment of the White Australia Policy was a watershed moment, opening the country’s doors to diversity and setting the stage for an array of global initiatives.

This worksheet provides concise explanations of significant events that moulded Australia’s identity on the international stage. Explore the nation’s staunch opposition to apartheid, the guiding role in Papua New Guinea’s independence, and the defiant stand against French nuclear testing. Uncover the intricate dance of diplomacy in Australia’s shift towards Asia and the strategic decisions behind replacing SEATO while nurturing ANZUS ties.

These topics are accompanied by thought-provoking comprehension questions designed to cement students’ understanding and foster a deeper appreciation for the nuances of Australian history. A handy teacher answer sheet simplifies the assessment process and ensures effective student support.

A creative extension activity is also included, which asks students to design a poster depicting Australia’s journey from the White Australia Policy to its modern multicultural stance. This exercise not only fosters creativity but also reinforces key learning points.

With the “From the White Australia Policy to a Multicultural Era” worksheet, students will experience the thrill of history, gain valuable insights into Australia’s social and political transformation, and sharpen their comprehension skills. This classroom resource is perfect for teachers looking to ignite their students’ interest in Australian history while also saving themselves valuable preparation time.

  • Explain how Australia’s changing migration policies have affected relationships with other nations.

White Australia Policy to a Multicultural Era Student worksheet

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Resource Information

Description:Student activities include a short reading, comprehension questions, creation of a poster.
Estimated lessons:1-2.
Ages14 years and up.
Format Word Document.

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