Tutankhamun's curse worksheet

Tutankhamun’s Curse

Tutankhamun’s Curse is a lesson plan that will take your students on a journey through one of the most fascinating and enduring mysteries of ancient Egypt. From discovering the pharaoh’s tomb to the rumours of a deadly curse, this lesson plan will keep your students engaged and intrigued from start to finish.

The story of Tutankhamun’s tomb is a fascinating one. After being buried for over 3,000 years, the tomb was discovered by archaeologist Howard Carter in 1922. But as word of the discovery spread, rumours began to surface about a curse that was said to befall anyone who entered the pharaoh’s resting place.

In pairs, students will research the story of the curse, using various sources to help them separate fact from fiction. They will create a list of the facts and myths surrounding the curse before ultimately deciding whether they believe the curse is true or not.

Throughout the lesson, students will be encouraged to focus on the benefits of critical thinking and research rather than simply memorising information. They will practice their public speaking and presentation skills as they prepare to present their findings to the class.

As they work through the lesson plan, students will have the opportunity to engage with history in a meaningful and memorable way. They will explore the mysteries of the past, while also developing valuable skills that will serve them well in the future.

Download this lesson plan now and watch as your students embark on an unforgettable journey through the mysteries of ancient Egypt.

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Resource Information

Description:Student activities include group work, a mini research task and a presentation.
Estimated lessons:2-3.
Ages10-14 years.
Format Word Document.

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