The Big Four student worksheet

Treaty of Versailles

The Treaty of Versailles was a significant turning point in modern European history, marking the end of the First World War and the beginning of a new era of international relations. The treaty had far-reaching consequences for the entire continent and the world, and students need to understand the key issues at the heart of this historic event.

Our modern history lesson plan focuses on “The Big Four” – Woodrow Wilson, George Clemenceau, Lloyd George, and Emmanuel Orlando. These four leaders were the key figures in the negotiations that shaped the Treaty of Versailles, and their influence and leadership were critical to the outcome of the talks.

Through this worksheet, students will gain a deeper understanding of the motivations and interests of these leaders and the issues they needed to consider in relation to the treaty. They will also be able to analyse the different perspectives and priorities of each of the Big Four and appreciate the complexities of the negotiations that shaped the treaty.

The lesson plan is designed to support critical thinking and analysis, with student activities encouraging students to engage with the material and apply their knowledge and understanding. The worksheet guides students through the key concepts and issues and an extended answer question that allows them to demonstrate their knowledge of the material.

In conclusion, our modern history lesson plan on “The Big Four” is an essential resource for history teachers looking to provide their students with a comprehensive and engaging examination of the Treaty of Versailles and the key figures who shaped it. With its focus on critical thinking, analysis, and extended answer questions, our lesson plan is the perfect way to help students understand and appreciate the significance of this crucial period in European history.

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Description: Student activities include critical thinking and an extended answer question.
Estimated lessons:1
Ages14-18 years
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