Treatment of Japanese Canadians during WW2 Worksheet lesson plan

Treatment of Japanese Canadians Worksheet

This worksheet on the treatment of Japanese Canadians during World War Two, a topic that resonates with the issues of discrimination and human rights we still face today, is designed specifically for high school students. This lesson plan provides an overview of the discriminatory policies and actions against Japanese Canadians during the war. It is an essential tool for any teacher looking to educate their students on this important and relevant topic.

The student worksheet covers various topics, from creating internment camps to selling property and goods. It also explores the political reasons behind the racist attitudes and the various forms of compensation provided to Japanese Canadians in the aftermath of the war. By engaging with these topics, students will gain a deeper understanding of the experiences of Japanese Canadians during this difficult time in history.

One of the key benefits of this lesson plan is that it encourages critical thinking and discussion among students. The comprehension questions and class discussion activities are designed to encourage students to think critically about the material and to engage with one another in meaningful dialogue. This helps to create a more engaging and interactive learning environment that fosters deeper understanding and empathy for those who suffered during the war.

In addition to the core materials, this lesson plan includes extension activities that allow students to explore the topic further. The comparison chart activity allows students to compare and contrast the treatment of Japanese Canadians and Japanese Americans during the war, helping to broaden their understanding of the broader historical context surrounding this topic. The short essay assignment encourages students to delve deeper into their research and articulate their thoughts and ideas.

Finally, to make things easier for teachers, we have included a detailed answer sheet that provides answers to the comprehension questions and a comparison chart. This saves teachers valuable time and ensures that they can focus on engaging with their students and facilitating meaningful discussions.

In summary, this worksheet on the treatment of Japanese Canadians during World War Two is an essential tool for any high school teacher looking to educate their students on this important topic. With comprehensive materials, engaging activities, and a detailed answer sheet, this lesson plan will make your job easier and your students more informed and empathetic.

Treatment of Japanese Canadians WWII Student Worksheet

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Resource Information

Description:Student activities include comprehension questions, a class discussion, comparison table and a short essay.
Estimated lessons:2-3.
Ages14 years and up.
Format Word Document.

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