treatment of japanese americans in the Second World War

The Treatment of Japanese Americans

The Cunning History Teacher’s lesson plan on “The Treatment of Japanese Americans during the Second World War” offers a comprehensive examination of one of the most controversial episodes in American history. The lesson plan provides an overview of the passing of Executive Order 9066, which authorized the internment of Japanese Americans during World War II, and explores the population of Japanese immigrants in the United States in 1941. The lesson also delves into the reality of life in an internment camp on US soil through a source analysis, film discussion, and research task.

The source analysis provides students with the opportunity to evaluate primary sources related to the internment of Japanese Americans and draw their own conclusions about the events. The film discussion allows students to analyze the portrayal of the internment in popular media and consider how it reflects the historical record. The research task, which can be completed individually or with a partner, encourages students to delve deeper into the topic and build on their critical thinking and team-building skills.

This lesson is a great choice for educators looking to provide their students with an understanding of the treatment of Japanese Americans during the Second World War. It offers a unique opportunity to learn about a significant historical event from multiple perspectives and encourages students to think critically about the past and its relevance to the present. It is perfect for students who are interested in History, Civil Rights, and Human Rights.

This lesson can be paired with the ‘Japanese Internment during WWII’ film worksheet if a deeper understanding through comprehension, critical thinking and class discussion is wanted.

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Resource Information

Description:Student activities focus on comprehension of a short film, critical thinking skills through source analysis, note taking and research skills.
Estimated lessons:3-4.
Ages14 years and up.
Format PowerPoint.

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