The Impact of the First World War on Russia PowerPoint Lesson Plan

The Impact of the First World War on Russia

During the First World War, Russia was part of the Allied powers and fought against the Central powers, which included Germany, Austria-Hungary, and the Ottoman Empire. The war significantly impacted Russia’s economy, society, and politics, as it drained its resources and led to widespread shortages, inflation, and discontent among the population.“The Impact of the First World War on Russia” lesson plan provides an overview of the impact of World War One on Russia, including its economy, society, and politics.

Additionally, the lesson focuses on Rasputin and his impact on the Russian royal family. Rasputin was a mystic and self-proclaimed holy man who significantly influenced the Tsar and Tsarina. He had gained their trust and acted as their advisor, but his influence became controversial and contributed to the downfall of the royal family.

To engage students in the lesson, it is crucial to incorporate activities promoting active learning. A useful student activity for this lesson plan is the source analysis of a political cartoon. Students can analyse the cartoon to identify the main messages, symbols, and characters and relate them to the historical context and events.

Another effective student activity included in this PowerPoint is a mini-research task. Students can research and write about various topics that impacted the war. These topics include Inflation, food shortages or the incompetence of the Tsar, amongst others. This activity allows students to explore different perspectives and experiences and encourages critical thinking and research skills.

In conclusion, “The Impact of the First World War on Russia” is a fascinating and essential topic for any history student.

The Impact of the First World War on Russia lesson plan

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Description:Student activities include source analysis and a mini-research task included for students.
Estimated lessons:2
Ages16-18 years
Format PowerPoint

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