The Great Depression and its effect on the League of Nations worksheet lesson plan

The Great Depression and its effects on the League of Nations

The Great Depression was a defining historical moment, profoundly impacting the global economy and society. This lesson plan focuses on the effects of the Great Depression on the League of Nations and the role played by its five permanent members during this time.

The lesson plan includes various student activities to engage students in the material. A mix-and-match activity will be used to test students’ understanding of the five permanent members of the LoNs and their role during the Great Depression. Critical thinking activities will be used to encourage students to analyse the events of the Great Depression and the impact they had on the League of Nations and international relations.

This lesson plan is designed as a worksheet, making it an ideal resource for students studying the League of Nations and the Great Depression. It provides a comprehensive overview of the role of the five permanent League of Nations members, helping students develop their understanding of this critical moment in modern history. Through engaging and interactive activities, students will gain a deeper understanding of the impact of the Great Depression on international relations and the role of the League of Nations in promoting peace and stability during this time.

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Resource Information

Description:Student activities include a mix and match and critical thinking activities.
Estimated lessons:1
Ages14-18 years

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