The German Home Front during the First World War PowerPoint Lesson Plan

The German Home Front during WWI

The German Home Front during WWI is a crucial aspect of modern history that can help students understand the war’s impact on German people’s lives. This lesson plan covers the key themes of the German Home Front during the Great War and provides students with a wealth of information and activities to help them understand the complex and diverse aspects of the war.

One of the main focuses of our lesson is the examination of German Unification, which helped to lay the foundation for the country’s rapid expansion in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. We also examine the German reaction to the war, including the Hindenburg programme, which aimed to increase war production and support the military effort.

This PowerPoint also provides an in-depth overview of the various war offices established during the war, including the War Raw Materials Department, the Central Purchasing Company, the Imperial Grain Office, the Imperial Potato Office, the Supreme War Office, and the Patriotic Auxiliary Service Law. These offices helped the German government to sustain its war effort. Therefore students must gain a deeper understanding of their role and impact.

Another crucial aspect of our lesson plan is the examination of propaganda and recruitment, two key elements of the German war effort. By understanding the role of propaganda in shaping public opinion and the recruitment drive to build and sustain the military, students will be able to appreciate the impact of WWI on German society and the measures taken by the government to support the war effort.

Finally, we examine the economics of the German Home Front during the war, including opposition to the war, the strike movement, and the impact of the war on the German economy. By studying these topics, students will gain a deeper understanding of the war’s complex and diverse impact on German people’s lives.

We understand that students learn best when engaged in active learning, which is why our lesson plan includes various student activities. Our lesson provides comprehension questions, source analysis, critical thinking exercises, class discussions, and note-taking activities to help students develop their necessary thinking skills.

In conclusion, The German Home Front during WWI’s modern history lesson plan is an essential resource for history teachers who want to provide their students with a comprehensive and engaging examination of this critical period of modern history. With its focus on primary source analysis, student activities, and class discussions, our PowerPoint is the perfect way to help students understand and appreciate the war’s impact on German people’s lives.

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Resource Information

Description:Student activities include comprehension questions, class discussions and note-taking.
Estimated lessons:2-3
Ages14-18 years
Format PowerPoint

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