The Colosseum - The Arena of Death Interactive Game worksheet

The Colosseum Interactive Game Worksheet

The Colosseum is a symbol of ancient Roman power and one of the most recognisable structures in the world. With the BBC’s interactive game, “The Colosseum – The Arena of Death” and this worksheet, students will be able to explore this iconic building and gain a deeper understanding of its six key areas.

To get started, students will need access to a computer and the internet, as well as Adobe Flashplayer. The interactive game, created by the trusted and respected BBC, will take students on a tour of the Colosseum, allowing them to learn about its history and significance for Ancient Rome.

At the end of the game, students will be asked to reflect on what they have just learned. They will be asked to write down five questions they could ask about the Colosseum, and then use this information to create a Kahoot! quiz. The class will then play the Kahoot! together, allowing students to test their knowledge and see how much they have learned about this fascinating historical structure.

The Colosseum – The Arena of Death Interactive Game and this worksheet is an excellent resource for history teachers, as it combines interactive technology with a strong focus on historical content. By the end of this activity, students will have gained a deeper understanding of the Colosseum, its key areas, and its significance in Ancient Roman history.

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Resource Information

Description:Interactive game where students need access to a computer and the internet along with Adobe Flashplayer.
Estimated lessons:1-2
Ages11-14 years
Format Word Document

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