Taisho Era lesson plan worksheet

Taisho Era

The Taisho era in Japan was a period of significant change during the interwar years. This era saw Japan transforming its political, economic and social landscape and is an integral part of modern history.

In this lesson plan, “The Reign of the Taisho Emperor”, students will gain an understanding of the Taisho era and the events that took place during this time. The curriculum will cover political changes, such as the shift towards a constitutional monarchy and the rise of democratic ideals. The economic changes will also be explored, including the growth of industry and the increasing importance of the middle class. Social changes, such as the emergence of new cultural movements and the changing role of women in society, will also be discussed.

The worksheet includes various student activities to ensure that students thoroughly understand the material. Comprehension questions will test students’ understanding of key concepts and ideas. Critical thinking exercises will encourage students to analyse and interpret the events of the Taisho era and their impact on Japan and the world.

In addition, students will participate in a brainstorming activity to help them develop their ideas and insights about the era. This activity will encourage students to think creatively and critically, considering the various factors that contributed to the changes that took place during the Taisho era.

Overall, this lesson plan is designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the Taisho era in Japan and the impact that this period had on the country and the world. Through engaging and interactive activities, students will learn about the political, economic and social changes that took place during this time. They will be encouraged to think critically and creatively about these events.

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Taisho Era student worksheet

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Resource Information

Description:Student activities include comprehension questions, critical thinking and a brainstorm.
Estimated lessons:1-2.
Ages14-18 years.
Format PDF.

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