Sumerian Inventions worksheet

Sumerian Inventions

The Ancient Sumerians were one of the first civilisations in history, and their innovations and inventions have impacted the world. This lesson plan, designed for primary and lower middle school students, encourages students to explore one Ancient Sumerian invention more deeply through a mini-research task.

The lesson will focus on the many inventions and innovations of the Sumerians, including their writing system, the wheel, irrigation and farming techniques, and the development of cities. Students will choose one of these inventions to research and complete several comprehension questions about its significance, impact, and how it was used. They will also complete a drawing activity of the invention they have chosen to research.

Students will develop research and critical thinking skills throughout the lesson by analysing the invention and answering the questions. They will also gain a deeper understanding of the historical context of the Sumerian civilisation and their place in history.

This lesson plan provides a comprehensive and engaging introduction to the Ancient Sumerian civilisation and its inventions. By researching one invention in more depth, students will gain a deeper understanding of its historical context and significance. Additionally, using research and drawing activities allows students to develop research and critical thinking skills, making the lesson particularly effective in bringing history to life in the classroom!

Sumerian Inventions Student Worksheet

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Resource Information

Description:Student activities include a mini-research task, comprehension questions and a drawing activity.
Estimated lessons:1-2.
Ages11-12 years.
Format PDF.

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