Roosevelt's new deal

Roosevelt’s New Deal Worksheet

The worksheet on the Roosevelt New Deal offers students a captivating introduction to the programs and policies that President Franklin D. Roosevelt put into place during the Great Depression. This lesson is particularly beneficial for students new to the topic of the New Deal and want to understand its impact on American society in the 1930s.

The worksheet begins by providing an overview of Roosevelt’s 100 days in office, during which he swiftly implemented a series of reforms and public works projects to combat the effects of the Great Depression. The lesson also delves into Roosevelt’s chats,” where he directly communicated with the American people via radio, discussing the nation’s condition and his administration’s actions to address the crisis.

Furthermore, this worksheet covers legislation and policies that were part of Roosevelt’s New Deal, such as the Emergency Banking Act, which helped stabilise the country’s banking system, and the Securities Act, which aimed to safeguard investors from bad practices. Additionally, it explores institutions like the Securities and Exchange Commission established to regulate the securities industry and highlights initiatives like the Federal Emergency Relief Administration that provide financial assistance to unemployed Americans.

The lesson also discusses the Conservation Corps (CCC), which employed men to work on environmental conservation and development projects. Additionally, the lesson covers the Civil Works Administration (CWA) and Public Works Administration (PWA), which provided employment opportunities and funding for large-scale infrastructure projects. The Agricultural Adjustment Act (AAA) aimed to stabilise prices by reducing surplus production, while the Home Owners Loan Corporation (HOLC) assisted homeowners facing foreclosure by offering mortgage refinancing options. The lesson also explores the Social Security Act and the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), both of which aimed to promote development and improve the quality of life in the Tennessee Valley region.

For students seeking an understanding of Roosevelt’s New Deal and its impact on society during the Great Depression, the Roosevelt’s New Deal worksheet is an invaluable resource. This worksheet offers an overview of legislation, policies and programs implemented by Roosevelt’s administration, making it an engaging, interactive learning tool that saves teachers valuable time in lesson preparation.

Roosevelt's New Deal Student Worksheet

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Description:Student activities include short readings, source analysis, critical thinking and class discussions.
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