Reading the Remains lesson

Reading Ancient Remains Worksheet

Dive into the ancient world with the “Reading Ancient Remains Worksheet,” a lesson plan designed to bridge the gap between history books and the tangible traces of the past. At first glance, skeletal remains might seem silent, but they whisper secrets of age, lifestyle, and society to those who know how to listen. This lesson unfolds the mystery buried within the gravesite at Khok Phanom Di in Thailand, offering students a unique opportunity to step into the shoes of an archaeologist.

By engaging with this lesson, students embark on a journey through time. They decipher gender, diet, societal rank, and even personal ornaments from bones that have weathered the ages. The interactive website component guides learners through a series of thought-provoking questions, sparking curiosity and encouraging deep thinking. Whether deducing the diet from the wear of teeth or the social stature from burial goods, every discovery is a piece of the puzzle, reconstructing lives from mere remnants.

The lesson doesn’t stop at observation. Students are challenged to broaden their investigative skills with a mini-research task. Choosing between the Qilakitsoq mummies or the Peruvian mummies, they create a project – be it a booklet, film, podcast, or presentation – that brings the ancient world to life. This exploration covers dating techniques, discovery events, preservation methods, and more, culminating in a class presentation that showcases their findings.

“Reading Ancient Remains Worksheet” does more than teach history; it fosters analytical thinking, research skills, and a profound appreciation for the stories told by the silent witnesses of the past. Students learn not just to consume information but to uncover it, developing a deeper understanding of human history and an enthusiasm for learning that goes beyond the classroom.

Incorporate the “Reading Ancient Remains Worksheet” into your curriculum to save precious preparation time while delivering an engaging, student-focused lesson that turns history into an adventure. This lesson plan is your gateway to inspiring a new generation of historians, archaeologists, and curious minds, eager to explore the depths of the past and unravel its mysteries.

Reading the Remains Worksheet

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Description:Research task for students with comprehension questions from PBS Nova website. This Research Task could be adapted to be an assessment task.
Estimated lessons:3.
Ages16 years +.
Format PDF.

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