Reaction to Japanese Americans during WWII

The treatment of Japanese Americans during World War II, specifically the internment and legal battle surrounding the Korematsu v. United States case, is a crucial topic for students to learn about. Our lesson plan provides an in-depth overview of the experiences of Japanese American citizens in the United States during this period in history. The focus of the lesson is on the Korematsu v. United States court case, which was sparked by the arrest of Fred Korematsu in May of 1942.

It is important for students to learn about the treatment of Japanese Americans during World War II because it allows them to empathize with others and gain a deeper understanding of the social injustices that can occur during times of turmoil. By studying this history, students can learn to recognize and resist discrimination and prejudice. It also helps them to understand how the government’s actions can have a lasting impact on a specific group of people.

This lesson is ideal for educators who want to provide their students with a comprehensive understanding of the internment of Japanese Americans and the Korematsu v. United States court case. The lesson includes a source analysis, film discussion, and class discussion to enhance critical thinking skills. These activities will help students understand the historical context and the various perspectives surrounding the internment of Japanese Americans. It will also encourage them to think about the issues of civil rights and human rights. In this way, students can learn about the past and use it to make a better future.

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Resource Information

Description:Student activities focus on comprehension of a short film, critical thinking skills through source analysis and class discussion.
Estimated lessons:2.
Ages14 years and up.
Format PowerPoint.

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