Understanding Post-WWII Population Changes in Australia student worksheet

Post-WWII Population Changes in Australia

Embark on a historical journey with “Understanding Post-WWII Population Changes in Australia,” a lesson plan that transforms the complex tapestry of Australia’s past into a vivid classroom experience. Tailored for the curious minds of upper middle school students, this resource encapsulates the dramatic shifts in Australia’s demographic landscape following the turbulence of World War II.

Picture Australia in 1945: a nation bruised by war’s relentless grasp, facing air raids and invasion threats. From this crucible of conflict, a realisation crystallised—a larger population was imperative for bolstering defence and stimulating economic resurgence. With a starting point of 7.4 million souls, predominantly Anglo-Celtic, Australia was on the cusp of a profound transformation.

Enter the realm of “Populate or Perish,” the government’s rallying cry for a robust, secure future. Students will unpack the visionary foresight of Arthur Calwell, the inaugural immigration minister whose policies charted a new course towards diversity. The lesson’s activities are conduits of discovery, where students engage with the past to discern its echoes in the present.

From the shores of Britain to the heart of Australia, students will learn about the “Ten Pound Poms,” whose pursuit of new horizons underpinned the assisted immigration scheme. They’ll navigate through the initial influx of European migrants, charting how post-war policies wove the vibrant fabric of a multicultural nation.

This worksheet doesn’t just recount history—it revives it. Students will contrast the spontaneous migration of the Gold Rush with the strategic post-war influx, forging connections with the statistical rise in Italian and Greek communities. Each activity, bolstered by a detailed answer sheet for teachers, is a building block in constructing a deeper understanding of Australia’s multicultural identity.

“Understanding Post-WWII Population Changes in Australia” is more than a lesson plan; it’s a gateway to empathy, critical thinking, and historical appreciation. Join us in this exploration, and let’s illuminate the past to inspire the future.


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Resource Information

Description:Student activities include answering comprehension questions.
Estimated lessons:1-2.
Ages14 years and up.
Format Word Document.

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