Organisation Government and laws of Ancient Egypt PowerPoint Lesson Plan

Ancient Egypt Government and Laws

In this ancient history lesson, students will explore the organisation, government, and laws of Ancient Egypt. The lesson will delve into the hierarchy of the pharaohs and the societal organisation of Upper and Lower Egypt. Additionally, students will learn about Ma’at Justice, a fundamental concept in Ancient Egyptian law.

The activities for this lesson include source work, where students will analyse a source to gain a deeper understanding of the social hierarchy during this time. The creation of a decree will also help students to think critically.

By learning about the government and laws of Ancient Egypt, students will develop a broader understanding of the cultural and historical context of the period. They will gain knowledge of the pharaohs’ hierarchy and the societal structure of Upper and Lower Egypt. Students will also learn about Ma’at Justice, which reflects the Ancient Egyptian belief in the universe’s balance.

This lesson plan is a valuable tool for students studying Ancient Egyptian history. It provides an exploration of the organisation, government, and laws of Ancient Egypt and includes engaging activities to deepen students’ understanding. By completing the activities in this lesson, students will develop critical thinking and analytical skills that they can apply to other historical and social studies topics.

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Resource Information

Description:Student activities include source work and creating a decree.
Estimated lessons:1
Ages11-14 years
Format PowerPoint

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