Opposition to the New Deal

Opposition to the New Deal

Opposition to the New Deal worksheet, provides students with an opportunity to understand the criticisms of Roosevelt’s New Deal and how he and his government attempted to overcome the New Deal’s limitations.

Personalities specifically mentioned in this lesson are:

  • Father Coughlin
  • Huey Long
  • Dr Francis Townsend.

Other opposition include businessmen, Republicans, campaigners, The Supreme Court. Ideological reasons such as Socialism are touched on within this lesson. 

The Second New Deal is also covered within this worksheet. 

Topics mentioned are:

  • The Wagner Act
  • The Social Security Act
  • The Works Progress Administration also known as the Works Project Administration
  • The Resettlement Administration
  • The Farm Security Administration

This is a great lesson for students who are studying the New Deal, the positives and negatives and the Second New Deal. Opportunities for individual and group work are provided in this lesson.

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Resource Information

Description:Student activities include short readings, source analysis, critical thinking, class discussions, group work and other creative activities.
Estimated lessons:3-4.
Ages14 years and up.
Format Word Document.

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