Montgomery Bus Boycott Classroom Worksheet

Montgomery Bus Boycott

The “Montgomery Bus Boycott”, is a vibrant history lesson plan that brings the past to life in an accessible, engaging, and informative way. This worksheet invites your students to step back into the era of segregation and Jim Crow laws, helping them understand the significant events that led to one of American history’s most memorable acts of peaceful resistance.

The worksheet starts by setting the scene. Students will explore the era of segregation and how it affected everyday life. They’ll understand why Rosa Parks’ simple but powerful act of defiance on a Montgomery city bus became a spark that ignited a nationwide movement for civil rights.

They’ll learn about the extraordinary people behind the scenes, like E.D. Nixon, Ralph David Abernathy, and a young pastor, Martin Luther King Jr., whose leadership turned a local protest into a landmark event in American history. Students can use primary sources to explore these stories and deepen their understanding.

A key part of the lesson is understanding the strategies that made the boycott successful. Students will explore how careful planning, coordination, and community spirit helped keep the boycott going for over a year, despite the many challenges.

This lesson doesn’t shy away from the darker side of history either. Students will delve into the intimidation tactics used by segregation supporters and the courage of those who stood up to them. By looking at primary sources, students can understand the bravery and determination that characterised this period.

The “Montgomery Bus Boycott” worksheet is the perfect resource for teachers who want to give their students a memorable, in-depth, and meaningful exploration of a defining moment in American history. This engaging and student-friendly lesson plan brings history to life in your classroom, igniting a love of learning that will last a lifetime.

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Resource Information

Description:Student activities include source analysis, compare and contrast sources, presentation of a source answering its importance and the message of the source.
Estimated lessons:1-2.
Ages14 years and up.
Format Word Document.

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