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Little Rock Nine

Discover an enriching experience with our “Little Rock Nine” history lesson plan. The year is 1957, Little Rock, Arkansas. As your students delve into this pivotal moment in civil rights history, they are presented with a tapestry of enthralling narratives – from introducing the distinctive Little Rock community to the controversial Blossom Plan and the ensuing opposition.

This immersive lesson unravels the sequence of events that marked a significant shift in American civil rights history, exploring Governor Orval Faubus’s role in the crisis, the dramatic stand-off at Central High School, and President Eisenhower’s subsequent intervention. We dive into the gripping reactions to the Federal intervention, allowing students to engage with this historical event’s different perspectives critically.

But we go beyond just narrating history; we offer a dynamic learning environment. Our short films captivate students’ minds, allowing them to visualise the tumultuous experience of the Little Rock Nine. These engaging visuals, complemented by note-taking, breathe life into history, fostering a robust understanding of events and concepts.

Class discussions then spark curiosity, critical thinking, and teamwork. Through these interactions, students develop their ability to articulate their thoughts, question perspectives, and analyse the implications of these historical events on present-day society.

As the journey culminates with ‘The Lost Year and Legal Battles’ segment, students will assess the enduring impact of these legal battles, instilling a profound appreciation for the struggle and resilience that shaped the civil rights movement.

In the “Little Rock Nine” lesson, students are not merely spectators of history; they become active participants. It’s a transformative learning experience that promotes deep understanding, nurtures intellectual curiosity and builds empathy. This lesson plan saves teachers time on lesson preparation, offering a comprehensive, yet flexible structure that enhances the learning process.

Unlock the doors to an engaging history class with the “Little Rock Nine” lesson plan – a rewarding journey that intertwines essential learning with immersive storytelling. Embrace the opportunity to not only teach history but to inspire future generations with the power of our past.

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Resource Information

Description:Student activities include source analysis, short films, comprehension, note taking and a class discussion..
Estimated lessons:1-2.
Ages14 years and up.
Format PowerPoint.

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