Life as an Anglo-Saxon Diary Worksheet

Life as an Anglo-Saxon Diary Worksheet

This history lesson plan, “Life as an Anglo-Saxon Diary Worksheet”, is a great way for students to explore the culture and society in Anglo-Saxon England. Through this project, they can create their own diary entry and gain insight into what it was like living during the time period through a personal perspective.

In order for students to write realistic diary entries about this period in history, they must have an extensive understanding of topics related to the lives of Anglo-Saxons. This could comprise of facts about topics such as literature, political systems and social customs from that era. Additionally, knowledge about relevant vocabulary associated with that time period is also essential such as feudalism or trades people. By understanding these facts related to this time period and including accurate terms while writing their diaries, they will be able to gain a better understanding of how life was during the Anglo-Saxon era.

This lesson plan encourages learning by allowing students to research information related to Anglo-Saxon culture while developing their writing skills by composing their diaries. As they work on creating their diary entries, they can also practice using appropriate terms associated with the Middle Ages such as ‘lords’ or ‘freemen’. It offers them an opportunity to practise using accurate language while gaining insight into culture’s impact on everyday life throughout history.

In conclusion, Life As An Anglo-Saxon Diary Worksheet is an engaging lesson plan that encourages creative expression, critical thinking and research skills while allowing students to explore life in Medieval England. Through this activity, they can learn more about important events from this era while being able to practice using relevant terminology associated with the Middle Ages.

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Description:Student activity includes writing a diary entry whilst using correct historical terminology.
Estimated lessons:1.
AgesAll Ages.
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