Life as a Viking Diary Entry Worksheet

Life as a Viking Diary Entry Worksheet

This history lesson plan, “Life as a Viking Diary Entry Worksheet”, is an engaging way for students to explore the world of Vikings during the Middle Ages. Through this project, students can create their own diary entry as if they were living at this time period and experience what it was like from a first-hand perspective.

In order to write realistic diary entries, students must be familiar with the historical context of being a Viking during the Middle Ages. This could include events such as the invasion of England, discovering new lands and territories around the Mediterranean or Americas, or life in a Viking Village. By including accurate facts related to these topics, students will gain a better understanding of how people lived at this time period and how their lives were impacted by certain events.

This lesson plan encourages critical thinking and composition skills as it requires students to think about how their lives would have been like as a Viking from an authentic point of view. As they work on writing their diaries, they can also practice their ability to use appropriate terminology and language associated with Vikings during that era. By researching thoroughly and creating detailed diaries based on factual information, they will gain insight into this culture while developing their reading comprehension and writing skills.

In conclusion, Life As A Viking Diary Entry Worksheet is an intriguing lesson plan that encourages critical thinking, reading comprehension, writing skills and research while allowing students to explore the world of Vikings during the Middle Ages. Through this activity, they can gain knowledge about important events that happened at this time period while also practising using accurate terminology related to Vikings during that era.

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Description:Student activity includes writing a diary entry whilst using correct historical terminology.
Estimated lessons:1.
AgesAll Ages.
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