Life as a Crusader Diary Entry Worksheet

Life as a Crusader Diary Worksheet

Your students can get an in-depth look at life as a crusader, by writing a diary entry from the first person perspective of a European crusader invading the Middle East. With the Cunning History Teacher lesson plan on Life as a Crusader Diary Entry Worksheet, your students will gain an understanding of what it was like for a medieval crusader during this era of history.

Through this creative activity, students will gain an understanding of the medieval mindset which shaped various aspects of society during this period. By using correct historical terminology from the time period, they will be able to accurately portray the world through their own eyes. Aspiring historians will find themselves better equipped to access primary sources from that time period and interpret them in meaningful ways.

This activity also encourages deeper thinking about how different cultures interact with one another, and how our beliefs and histories shape us all today. Students will develop empathy towards those living in medieval times by seeing events through their eyes. This level of understanding is essential when aiming to promote communication and collaboration between different societies – goals which are as important now as ever!

The Cunning History Teacher lesson plan on Life as a Crusader Diary Entry Worksheet is sure to open up whole new worlds of learning for your students. By focusing on less explored moments in history, it helps provide fresh perspectives on global events that continue to define us today.

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Resource Information

Description:Student activity includes writing a diary entry whilst using correct historical terminology.
Estimated lessons:1.
AgesAll Ages.
Format PDF.

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