Japan Under the Shoguns Diary Worksheet

Japan Under the Shoguns Diary Worksheet

Learning about women in Shogun Japan can be an enlightening and engaging experience for your students. With the Cunning History Teacher lesson plan on Japan Under the Shoguns, students get to explore a unique period of history in depth, as they write a diary entry from the perspective of a woman living during that time.

Students are encouraged to think more deeply about the culture and customs of this era by using correct historical terminology from the correct time period. Through engaging activities such as writing diary entries from the point of view of a woman living during this era, students gain a more intimate understanding of how life was for those living at that time.

During their exploration into this different facet of history, students can discover how women were regarded in society, and become familiar with the customs that reflected these attitudes. Students may find themselves drawn into the subtle nuances between different classes and genders during this time; an education into something much deeper than text books alone can provide.

In addition to helping promote critical thinking skills and creative writing abilities, this exercise also helps contribute to student’s understanding of civilisations both ancient and modern. By being exposed to such a rich history lesson, your students will have greater insight into what makes civilisations successful or unsuccessful. They will also develop empathy towards different cultures by viewing them in their various forms – aspects which are important elements when it comes to becoming global citizens in today’s world.

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Description:Student activity includes writing a diary entry whilst using correct historical terminology.
Estimated lessons:1.
AgesAll Ages.
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